Thursday, October 15, 2009

News About The New Album!

Hello Blog friends of Sara!

This is Sara's husband Troy, you know, Mr. Sara Groves :) I'm posting an e-blast here that went out today about Sara's new album coming soon. This is an 'exclusive pre-sale package' for the new record. With the full package ($25) the album can be downloaded now and the rest of the stuff will come in November. A lot of the items will not be available at all after Nov. 17, including the audiobook that includes Sara sharing all of the stories behind the songs.

Feel free to pass this along to friends or family that you think might be interested.

Sincerely, troy 'Mr. Sara' groves

now, the e-blast:


Hi friends,

It's been a long time since we've sent an update. We have a new album coming out!!! Sara is about to release what she calls her 'songwriters album'. It is called 'Fireflies and Songs'. We are excited for you to be the first to know about it and have an opportunity to get it in this pre-sale. This pre-sale runs till the official release day of November 17.

Visit for details on how you can get it today (5 weeks before the stores and iTunes!). Look for another update coming soon about our Christmas Tour in December with Sara and the band.

Thanks, the groves


  1. Downloaded it this morning. Can't wait to listen to it this afternoon!

  2. Hi Sara and Troy,

    this is chenoa! I see where you're coming to Springfield,IL on dec 20.
    Would love to see you. The venue is down the street from us. If you read this, email me at:

    can't wait to get the new album!!!

  3. I've heard the first song, love it!, and look forward to the rest on Nov. 17.

  4. Did this last week ... Me and my family eagerly await Ms. Grove's return to the D/FW metroplex. As usual, this album has tremendously deep lyrics but muscially it has a different feel that the last few ...

  5. Already got it and telling others! Excited to get the rest on NOV 17th, my's a gift to myself : )

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  7. I already downloaded it and it another SG classic. Utterly love it!

    The only downside: can we have some lyrics please (if it's a reasonable request)?

  8. Got the pre-release. Love it! Will probably blog about it. Let's talk about it on the radio. Shoot me an e-mail.

  9. I downloaded it a few days ago and am actually listening right at this very moment and am LOVING it {not at all surprised by that!}. I have it mostly memorized already. Thanks so much! For sharing your lives in music {both of you!}. We're super big fans around here!
    Many blessings to you!
    Shana from St. Paul

  10. Cannot wait! Fireflies are my creature image of God! Thanks for your ministry! K-Isanti, MN

  11. I love every song. I dare say it is my favorite album so far! I can't wait to hear the stories and inspiration behind the music.

  12. Got the early download, etc. package; listening again now! I would love to hear these songs live and as soon as possible. :-)

    I'm hoping to bring all the Martins to the Christmas Concert; it would make a splendid "Frankincense Gift" for them.

    If I wanted to be really transparent, I'd admit that it would be MY "Gold Gift" to share you with them!

    xo H.

  13. I tried to purchase the Deluxe package, but the checkout wasn't working for me. I can't wait to hear it! I'll try again next time.

    Planning on a 16hr drive to IA for your Dec. 10th performance. I tried to get you to come to VA, but just couldn't pull it off (this year anyway). The booking agent sent me a huge long list of all the details and it scared me away. I don't personally know of a venue with all the fancy stuff we'd need. So many of my friends are eager to have you perform closer to us that I had many willing to drive from other states. :-)

  14. Hi, I just noticed that I missed the cutoff data for the $25 deluxe package. Is there anywhere that can still be purchased?

  15. Sara,
    I knew Chris Wendleburger and his love of talking about his 100 person band called "the skyliners"! I am wondering if you know he passed away and if you had met him at a concert? My jaw dropped when I heard that song!


  16. Oh man, I guess I missed out on all the bonus material by buying it on Amazon. So sad we're gonna miss your concert in Hershey next week. We caught your show at our old church a while back (Calvary Chapel Media, PA). Would have really loved to see you guys again, such great music. Merry Christmas!