Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's coming

Melody, Toby, Me, and Zach
By the way, you can always find tomorrows fashions in Europe's big cities, so what is coming in the near future? Apparently it is Ultimate 80's meets 2000's skimp. So picture your zipper skirt from Junior High, but with most of the fabric gone. It's more zippers and pockets people. That's what's coming. It was freezing, so I had to buy this coat at the airport. I'm hoping someone will ask me where I got it so I can so casually say, "Oh, this? I picked this up in Amsterdam." (Barney Fife sniff)

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  1. You are really hysterical - I had no idea that you had a blog until recently and I am most definitely enjoy myself here! :) A friend of mine from college was just here and we were talking about you and how we appreciate your authenticity - Plus we all (us college friends) lived in the cities after graduating from college so it's fun to have that connection too!

    I hope you get some fun comments on your jacket - I was in France in 2005 and bought a scarf that of course is now so popular to wear so it's fun to say ..."oh I got this in Paris" :) and lastly...about 80's meet 2000's fashion...I saw some LACE GLOVES in a store and about had a heart attack! Madonna flashbacks (I guess maybe that was 90's) flew in my mind - plus these tennis shoes I see now in neon! Oh dear - I like fashion - but I don't think I can go there!

    wait - maybe one more comment (i am cracking myself up now) do you get annoyed when people write on your blog like they are your bff when you've never met them? HA! :)