Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine

I just read an article about the new album from Over the Rhine, The Long Surrender, and I can't wait to find a quiet space to listen through. I have been a fan since "Latter Days" from Good Dog Bad Dog showed up on a mix-tape given to me in college (must have been from the independent release somehow - I didn't own the whole album until the second release). I would love to talk more about OTR, but what hit me was all of the pictures of them together. Because they write together, and perform together, they get to both be in the pictures. I don't want to sound whiny, but I'm always subjected to photo shoots by myself because I am a solo artist. But I am not a solo artist. I never have been. It is hard, I think, to understand the role that Troy plays in our work. People often credit him for 'supporting' me, and I'm not sure what is imagined by that, but it is more than, "I believe in you," and a punch in the arm. We are a team, but he is carrying much of the load, most of the time. In our work-life, he makes things work, and in our personal life, he keeps things fun. He pulls me along, balances me out, and loves me well. I love him back. If it were up to me, I would insist that he is on the cover of our next record - just him. With a beard. A really long beard. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Hahaha oh I love that idea! And I love how you write and what you think about. And you make me laugh!

  2. Over the Rhine is freaking amazing and you will NOT be disappointed with "The Long Surrender." They released it early on their website, so I've been listening to it since December. I got to go see them perform the whole thing live in Cincinnati just before Christmas. Go to a live concert of theirs if you've never been. They are one of my favorite bands.

  3. I think that would make a fab album cover : )
    Happy V-day to you too!

  4. I saw your Christmas show in Knoxville and was very impressed with the team of Sara and Troy. And I get to go see OTR in Nashville on Sunday. It's so good to hear that you are a fan as well!

  5. I'm definitely buying the next Sara Groves CD with Troy on the cover! You are a wonderful team and are blessed to be able to work together in ministry. Thanks also for the heads up on OTR.

  6. You're right. Just saw you in Dayton tonight. Your band feels just as "family" as OTR. You should insist on the photos of your group together because it invites people in - just as your stories and videos invited us in. If you like, we can begin a petition. Just say the word . . .

  7. I definitely got that feeling in Twice as Good video. You have a great team and are blessed to have a great partner like Troy at your side.

    It's funny, that's how I feel when my husband is deployed. Everyone says that I am his rock, but we work together and share every joy and every tear. It's a huge gift to not have to go it alone and I recognize that.

    Thank you to you and to Troy for making beautiful music and sharing it with the world!

  8. I'm so thrilled to discover you have a blog! I was searching your website for info about your song "Why It Matters" because I've been thinking about doing a post on my blog about that very subject. I think people feel guilty for appreciating beauty and they needent feel that way, your song expresses that sentiment so well, as an artist, I've always loved it and it reminds me that what I do does matter!
    This was a wonderful Valentine to your hubby and maybe he, or at least both of you, should be on the cover of your next album. You all played at our church, Eastside Foursquare in Wash. state a couple of times and it was very evident that you were both a team, he deserves the props!
    My hubby's sportin a 'long' beard now too...what's up with that!?
    Thank you for all the beauty that you (and Troy of course) have provided Sarah...
    xo Jessica~

  9. Hi Sara,
    Thank you for your WONDERFUL music ministry @ Faith Community in Hudson. I enjoyed my time tremendously. God has definately blessed you with His beauty. I (we) LOVED the unity of your instruments and voices. Definately a picture of glory displayed on stage!

    I was so moved by the story of the celloist in Sarajevo because of the combative things I have been seeing of late in our country/state. "Protest with beauty"~I LOVE THAT!!!...could you point me to the story, I mean do you know where I can find it? I would like to "have it" and share it with people. It speaks such a profound message and I wouldn't want to mess it up in telling it wrong.

    Again... your ministry is a blessing. I grew up in MN. LOved the videos of your childhood home. It moved me to memories...May the LORD continue to shower His love and favor on you and your family!

  10. Sara, i don't know how to tell you how your music has impacted and changed my life. literally. i was at the conference in Hudson, and it was beautiful. the weeks leading up to it i had been coming undone (completely!) and the moment that i realized it was all based on fear in my relationships (MAJOR dysfunction growing up) things started to change. i was sitting listening to your disc and "it's gonna be alright" came on. i looked up and it was you sittin at my kitchen table singin it. i started bawling. then i looked up again, and my kitchen was full of ppl (you, my hubby, friends) all singing it to me. God opened my heart to healing that day...and then the conf. with you and Susie! i am a changed woman.

    oh...and we LOVE OTR! their disc Drunkard's Prayer came out of a tough time for them as a couple, think you would like it:)

    my hubby and i bumped in to you at pot belly one night when you were prepping for a marathon..didn't know how to tell you in one minute how impacting you have been. thank you for using your gift to serve the Lord and bring Glory to His name!