Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Little House in St Paul

We've decided to not live in the church. We want to share the space with others and feel like there is not enough room to host events the way we want to if we are taking up so much of the building. It makes sense, and feels right. The first day we saw the church, I walked down the street a bit to the house because it had a for sale sign in the yard. I started when I saw it because it looked exactly like a run-down version of a house I had seen just a few months earlier in Ocean Grove, NJ. That house was tiny, almost like a dollhouse, and I thought to myself, "I want to live a simpler life." The house sat dwarfed between two giant beach houses, but it was loved and cared for, and everything about it said enough. As we drove by it, I said out loud, "That's my dream house." It wasn't something I had remembered until I was standing in front of it's little twin in St Paul. I looked at the house, and then the church and said to Troy, "We are going to live here, and work there." So, now our plans have come full circle, and I am not surprised, and it is enough.


  1. This is so beautiful--simple yet poignant. Sometimes, our prayers for just enough are exactly what God dreams for us. It's a satisfying life without overwhelming. Thank you.

  2. One day my husband came home and told me that he'd bought a house! That was five years ago, and we finally sold our larger home and moved into the small one a year ago. This small house feels more like home in one year than the large house felt in 25 years. I hope you have the same blessing.