Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hi blog friends, Sara's been too busy to write anything for a while. Just embarking on our Christmas Tour this week. Really excited to have a full night of music with our band. The album release has gone well too! Here is a press release going out soon:



Nashville, TN…INO Records’ critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Sara Groves never ceases to amaze critics and fans with her compelling lyrics and stunning vocal style, and she continues to do so with her latest and most honest release Fireflies and Songs (November 17). With rave reviews continuing to pour in, Fireflies and Songs has proved to be another hit for Groves already being called one of the best of 2009 by NewReleaseTuesday.com and numerous others:

“It’s hard to imagine, but Sara has now once again released her “best” album topping all of her previous excellent work. This is one of my top 10 albums of 2009.”-NewReleaseTuesday.com

“I was certain Groves had already uncovered all of life's hidden layers. But Fireflies & Songs probes yet deeper, and even more beautifully, into the fears, doubts, and joys of the human soul.”-ChristianityToday.com

“The end result is an anthology of beautifully and delicately crafted songs that are steeped in emotion and filled with creatively-crafted lyrics that draw us in to her stories. Another reviewer called Groves “one of Christian music’s best-kept secrets,” and I would have to agree. If you’ve not experienced the musical treasury of this artist before, Fireflies and Songs is a great place to start.”-Gospelmusicchannel.com

“We’re privileged to get a glimpse into her own world, one of family and hope and struggles and dreams. From her childhood to her current life, it feels like we’re truly meeting Sara Groves for the first time, and this is one of those albums that deserves an hour sitting on the couch, doing nothing but closing your eyes and listening. It’s that good.”-Soul-Audio.com

In addition to her continuing success, Groves will embark on her first solo Christmas tour later this week, performing songs from her 2008 Holiday release O Holy Night. The tour has been in great demand by promoters, and is a family friendly show that starts off the holidays in Scotch Plains, NJ on December 3 and will carry on until December 20 closing in Springfield, IL.

“It is so refreshing to see people rally around an artist who at the core of her being represents what Christmas is all about-peace and justice in a hurting world,” says Bryan Myers with CAA. “The ultimate love comes down from heaven to affect real people. In an economy that is picky about much, we were not able to squeeze all the dates we were offered into this tour. I think that says something for the quality and purpose of this tour and artist. People want to see faith lived out. It’s inspiring.”

"Everyone in the band has anticipated this tour for a long time,” says Groves. “We have packed the night full of music, caroling, and Christmas reminiscing all surrounding the theme of how Jesus appeared and the soul felt it's worth!"

To see Groves LIVE this holiday season, please see tour dates listed below and for more information on Groves visit http://www.saragroves.com/.

O Holy Night Tour Dates (Subject to Change)

December 3 Scotch Plains, NJ

December 4 Presque Isle, ME

December 5 Bengor, ME

December 6 Manchester, NH

December 8 Hershey, PA

December 10 Des Moines, IA

December 11 Green Bay, WI

December 12 Lincoln, IL

December 13 Niles, OH

December 15 Austin, MN

December 17 Alexandria, MN

December 18 Maple Grove, MN

December 19 Indianapolis, IN

December 20 Springfield, IL


  1. I've got my tickets for the 18th and already can't wait!

  2. We can't wait to enjoy your concert in Des Moines... I'm so excited to hear this christmas album live!

  3. WHY isn't Breath of Heaven on your new Christmas album!! I call every so often each Christmas and request your version on KLOVE... LOVE it! It is playing on my blog now... it is on my "playlist" all year... along with others of your songs... if I wasn't a mom to three also, I would be a groupie! LOL!
    Hoping to come see you on the 10th!!

  4. tonight was aWeSoMe, Sara!! thanks for being such a blessing to us! it was wonderful meeting you! ^_^

    for everyone looking forward to a concert, you're gonna be sO blessed!! it was sO much fun & sweet!

  5. Hi, Sara--
    just wanted to say that last night's concert at Evangel Church in NJ was so wonderful...now that I am NOT the crazy crying lady (sigh, so much for my uber-coolness, normally I DO just say hello like a normal human being), I wanted to thank you coherently for the way your music has ministered to my soul in some really difficult times. I think that's why I got a bit ferklempt (ok, outright weepy) saying hello...it's so important to thank people who help us in times of suffering, and it's such a rare opportunity to actually GET to say thank you to someone who normally is only in my CD player (which sounds utterly wrong, but I hope that makes sense). So thank you...the concert was wonderful, and getting to go with my survivor Genna (and Rosie, who, as you now know, "is Seven!") and my sister Laura...well, that made the whole thing even sweeter.

    There were days in the past I wasn't sure G would make it to 11. Each day is a gift, and I thank you for your beautiful sharing of your own heart, for in that sharing you gave solace to my heart in some very hard places. Our battle isn't done, but we are in a stable spot right now--I am so grateful for the comfort and joy your music brings me on good days & not so great ones. So Thank you.

    And Rosie was really happy to hear Toy Packaging, that's her favorite song (go figure...I did NOT buy any Barbies this year for Christmas!) ; )

    Wishing you peace in the rest of your tour, and a heartfelt thanks for your ministry.
    Kristin, Genna & Rosie's mom

  6. We can't wait to enjoy your concert in Des Moines... I'm so excited to hear this christmas album live!

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  7. Thank you for an evening my family will never forget! Jan and I brought 5 of our kids to the Springfield, Il concert and we will always treasure the memory of this Christmas. Great music, great musicians. Thanks for sharing your family with ours.

    Shelbyville, Illinois

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to share my deep appreciation for your great-grandmother Mom Carter and your grandparents Lloyd and Nita. I hope my sharings each night of the tour did just that.

  9. In case Sara would like to see, I made a layout based on her song You Are the Sun at Faith Sisters forum here: http://www.faithsisters.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/47831