Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back To Rwanda!

We are preparing to go back to Rwanda! We just went to get our shots with Toby, and he was so pitiful! He was doing alright, but when the nurse walked in with the needles, he threw back his head and cried, "Do I have to go to Rwanda?!" Oh man. The first shot was the basic flu shot that he had to get anyway, so we did that one first on a trial basis. After that, he wanted to go with us again, and agreed to one more. Then we headed over to get his passport where, I don't know how, but he managed to get an adorable passport picture. I'm jealous because I try really hard to look my best for all photo IDs, and most often they turn out to look like my evil twin. It shouldn't matter, but the one time I got a good picture on my license, I had this mysterious feeling of well being every time I pulled it out, and I thought that was worth the shower I took and mascara that I applied that day. Sorry for that tangent on photo ID insecurity.
This year's trip is going to be pretty short, but our main purpose is to put on two concerts. Our band has been fundraising and getting shots as well, and they are going to join us on this trip. This will be the first time that we do music in Rwanda, and while I'm excited, I am praying that all of the logistics work out! I think that we are a pretty flexible group, but if you've been to a concert you know that we depend on a lot of things that plug in! There are no plugs in Gisanga, so it is quite a feat to get a concert put together in such a remote place. The FH staff are amazing, and are helping us figure out the best scenarios for that.


  1. This is some funny storytelling. The image of Toby throwing his head back is hysterical! I can't wait to hear updates about this next trip and what it is like to bring your gift of music to a people who have been such a gift to you.

  2. I'll be praying for you guys tons!!!

  3. God be with you til we meet again. Ok, its a song lyric but it expresses my wishes for you all. As my recent health experience would confirm we don't know the hour or day.

  4. Yay! What a fabulous experience for your family. I'm sure the concerts will sound glorious. Would love to hear them - we live and work a couple hours north of there (by bush plane). God's richest blessings on your work, it has been a healing balm to me on several occasions as I'm sure it will be in Rwanda as well.
    Grace, Kim