Thursday, January 28, 2010

O Holy Night

Thank you to everyone who came out the the O Holy Night Tour this Christmas! We had an incredible trip, and loved meeting you along the way. We got to share with more people about Gesanga, and another 160 people joined our efforts by sponsoring children in Gesanga. We also had about 30 people express interest in going to Rwanda with us at some point. We just have a few spots to fill in our upcoming trip this March because the band is coming with us this year! We are excited to play music for the first time this trip, and can't wait to introduce the band to the work of FH, and hopefully the IJM office there as well. We will be doing a concert in Kigali, and in the village of Gesanga. There is no electricity there, so I think we will be playing on the back of a flat bed truck with generators humming away. We are getting our shots next week... not our most favorite part of the trip.


  1. We have hopes to see you perform in Southern California one day! Come on down to Los Angeles and we'll be there!! :)

  2. Sara--I wanna be your back up singer! No really. More than that, I wanna tell you how awesome your album is. It's really shaped my thoughts a lot about love, beauty, growing old, and growing young. Thanks for that. Come to So Cal! I'll be at your show too!

  3. I'm not sure if there would ever be a use for this, but I would love to be able to come to document and raise awareness. I've been working as a portrait photographer for 2 years and praying for ways God can use it to allow me to serve. Just felt compelled to put that out there!

  4. I gave the gift of your concert as a Christmas present to myself and my girlfriends. We attended the O Holy Night event at Pleasant Valley Church in Ohio. It was wonderful; a blessing. Lisa and I were so thrilled our families joined in our desire to sponsor a child in Rwanda. If our name is not placed on the list of those interested in Africa, please put us on. We would not be able to go this March, but would like to prayerfully consider the 2011 trip.

    Thank you,
    Sheri Porterfield and Lisa Macciomei