Sunday, July 11, 2010

65 miles down, 1 concert to go

Troy and I on Friday morning
We had an incredible time riding with the 5 Weeks for Freedom team on Friday! We spent the night at the church (everyone just finds a spot on the ground with their sleeping bags), and then after a debriefing in the morning, we headed towards Nashville.
This bike lane showed up at the end of the trip and was greatly appreciated!!
It was HOT, and HILLY, but the team works together to encourage everyone along (thank you Deb, Margee, Dave...). For a big stretch of our trip, we did not have a bike lane or shoulder (for those of you living in Nashville, we came up Franklin Avenue to Old Hickory, and headed East) The traffic was intense, and I had to pry my shoulders down from my earlobes after that stretch. With all of the traffic, I forgot to drink water, and I started to dehydrate at mile 40. I had just taken a huge hill, and realized that I wasn't sweating, but once I drank a couple of bottles of water, I felt great again and was back on track.
With Iron Mike at the finish line... I think the world of these guys!
I have a new appreciation and empathy for a lot of people. When I was on that huge hill at mile 40, with the sun beating down on me, in pain, and feeling nausea, it is not a cliche to say that my heart broke again for the families who toil in the sun all day under threat of violence, watching their children be groomed for slavery with no way out. But I could end my ordeal any time I wanted, so I still don't have a clue. I also have a new appreciation for the team who will continue to ride along the Underground Railroad until they reach Buffalo NY, and 1,800 miles to bring awareness of modern day slavery to the communities they visit. We are looking forward to our concert tonight at Christ Community Church! I will be the one sitting on a pillow at the piano!


  1. Great job on the ride! We have been praying for this event and are looking forward to welcoming the group when they roll into Buffalo. I'm really glad that we live at the end of the trip and can celebrate together. I think the longest ride I have done was between 55 and 60 miles and definitely relate to the pillow!

  2. Woo hoo! Way to go. And, way to find perspective and share it in this space. Beauty.

  3. Sara, I just discovered your blog and wanted to say how much I love your new album. I listen to it over and over! It's great to see an artist with a worldwide perspective. Best wishes. Lynn W.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes To Ruby..

  5. You may not know who "scotirish" is, its john thomson, the pictures includes my daughter, Ruth and my son, Brendan at a Cubs game

  6. Sarah,
    I'm not sure why God has brought me to you but here I am hoping you can help me answer just that question. I'm sure some will read this and think ...of course you know why your here, she's Sarah Groves, she has the voice of an angel and lyrics that cause us to reflect on who we are, and what we have, in Christ, and what truly being a Christian means in our daily life. But I think it's bigger than that.He has taken our family on such a journey of faith and intimacy over the last couple years that I may not be certain of many things but I am certain of this...I know my Master's voice. I invite you to my blog where you may gain insight into what His plan or purpose for bringing me here could be. Please prayerfully consider my request, I truly believe He is waiting.

  7. Sara,
    It's 1am right now and I should be alseep, but I've been online trying to find a musician - someone I love to listen to and admire - to possibly play, sing (or both)at the event I have recently been honored to organize. I am this year's Portland, OR ambassador for Stop Child Trafficking Now. I haven't been to your website in a long time and this my 1st time on your blog & learning about your heart for children in slavery. Maybe this is a God thing; perhaps it isn't , but I had to write you - and at least THANK YOU for the countless songs you've penned that have brought my mom and I both, our of dark places by the power of the Holy Spirit through song. I am a singer as well and actually sang "Fly" at a wedding for a close friend! Anyway, without going on & on...(I really do need SOME sleep before my 3 yr old wakes me up later!) I have a (probably outrageous) request of you to possibly think and pray over. Rather than re-write it, I think I will paste a letter I wrote earlier, below, and hope that it finds you well. I praise God for you, the talent & heart he has given you and for your obedience to follow his callings by using your voice in more than one way - more than just singing - but as a voice for the voiceless. Please excuse any redundancy or "canned" feel. I've re-read it and mean every word of it...for you to please read and ponder...


    Hi there! I'm Chelan Rene' Russ.

    I just moved from TX to OR in June and am now in Portland, fully dedicated to stopping the trafficking of children, by first organizing an event where I am very interested in having you perform, as the "headliner".

    I have recently become this year's Portland Ambassador for Stop Child Trafficking Now.


  8. ... (pt.2)

    We (along with hopefully 40-50 other cities and 100 campuses across the US) will be WALKING October 2nd, to get the word out in Portland, OR about how terrible this crime is - how it happens, why girls feel trapped, why the numbers are rising, and sharing all kinds of important info. about children being trafficked into the US for prostitution & slavery...and most importantly, what we can do about it as every-day citizens. IJM here in Portland is getting a rep to work with us in the planning of our Walk, along with OATH and many other organizations. We are all locking arms together for this annual event. I am SO excited!

    This is also a fund raiser...and so I am actually requesting for donation of your services; I know this is a stretch, to ask for a band or artist to donate their time and talents, especially if/when travelling is part of the equation. But I have to ask, because one never knows if there is a talented band or artist out there, who has a burden or calling for this particular issue...or even one that would like to learn more, do something, or get the word out on our behalf...really, on behalf of children here in the US who have become or are at risk of becoming modern-day sex slaves.


  9. ...(pt.3)

    For all the details of the Walk, please go to Portland's new Walk Page by going to, clicking on Community Walks & scroll down: we're #26! Once on Portland's page, my personal page with SCTNow is there.

    Navigate around if you'd like to learn more about us, our strategy of doing something about this issue by targeting its source: the buyer, learn about our strategy as well as the allocation of funds.

    I won't keep you any longer; but I simply had to ask. I admire your work and your love for the Lord. I honor how you serve those in need & use your voice.

    If performing is not even close to being 'in the cards', I understand and ask, please consider donating as a sponsor(we have 5 levels of sponsorship opportunities available from $500-$10k). You can also qualify as a sponsor with an 'in-kind' donation of goods/services (performing would be considered as a "donated service" and tickets to shows, CDs and DVDs would be considered as possible goods), enabling us to partner together and sort of ... cross-advertise. If sponsorship is of interest to you, I have all the details about the 5 different levels available & what kind of specific advertising or benefit you would receive with each level (available via email, upon request). If sponsorship is out of the question, a donation of any amount at all ~ would be so wonderful as well!

    Whatever you decide, I just thank you so much for your willingness to share, using the talent God has given.

    I will keep on listening, as long as you keep on playin' & singin'.

    Thanks again...sincerely.
    Please think & pray it over... & I hope to hear from you very soon!

    Let's END this.

    For God's glory,
    Chelan Rene' Russ
    2010 Portland Ambassador
    Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk

    cell: 503-489-7286

  10. m y daughter is getting married and needs to have a sound track to your song he's always been faithful and we have not been able to find any
    way we can get one to purchase

  11. Go Sara!

  12. Hi Sara!
    I finally found your blog.
    I am going to catch up on all your adventures now. ;)