Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Azizi Life is Online!!

After our '09 trip to Rwanda, I blogged about our friends at Azizi Life here. Well, just in time for the Christmas season, they have gone live with their website. The handicrafts you order here will benefit artisans in the area we are supporting with Food for the Hungry! My favorites are the woven baskets and trivet sets. Here are a couple that I have in my kitchen at home... This update came from Christi at Azizi Life...
Every Friday afternoon, a group of women get together in their village in Rwanda, East Africa. They are artists, skilled at weaving beautiful and useful objects from natural, locally-gathered materials. These women have a vision. They are determined to use their art to benefit their families’ health, nutrition, and education. As they meet together, the women share advice on everything from perfect weaving, to parenting, to HIV/AIDS prevention. They talk, weave, laugh, encourage, sing, and pray. These are the remarkable women of the Abarikumwe “People Who are Together” Association. You are invited to meet the Abarikumwe artists, visit their community, and see their art on a new website from Azizi Life! Visit www.azizilife.com ! Azizi Life is a small Rwanda-based company of Christians dedicated to promoting the development of Rwandan craftspeople, their communities, and their art. There are 25 independent groups of artisans- like Abarikumwe Association- who are now earning fair wages, receiving coaching in quality and design, and being connected to a global market through Azizi Life.


  1. Hi Sara!

    Great blog! A real treat to visit! You can count me in as one of your new followers. :))

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful art of the Rwandan craftspeople. I think we can learn a lot from them about resourcefulness and hard work!

    God bless you for helping them as you do! You're an inspiration!



  2. Dear Sara,
    Thank you so much for posting this. I now have the opportunity to become involved with this group and get some wonderful presents in the process!

  3. Thank you! I LOVE reading and hearing about fair trade stuff. Economics has more to do with justice than most people take time to think of. Praise God for Azizi.

  4. hi sara,
    am much delighted to get to comment on this blog, i am one of your new followers from East Africa-kenya, i got to watch one of your songs (isaw what i saw....) and i was deeply inspired by it. i appreciate what you do in helping others especially from this part of the world. may God richly bless you.

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