Wednesday, November 3, 2010

IJM - National Call In Day

A couple of years ago, Troy and I had a chance to advocate for the Child Protection Compact Act on Capital Hill. This legislation will go a long way to strengthen partnerships with cooperative governments to protect minors from trafficking. We have watched this piece of legislation make it's way through Congress School House Rock style, but were sad to see the last session close before it was passed. Now this congress is reconvening for a 'lame duck' session, which provides another opportunity for this bipartisan measure to pass. Would you please consider calling your Senator on NOVEMBER 15th? All of the information is here -


  1. It is inspiring to read about your involvement in advocacy for others.

    Thanks for blogging, writing, recording - a huge encouragement to so many.

    Susan Blencowe
    Sydney, Australia.

  2. I too was picturing our "Bill, sitting (t)here on Capitol Hill..."

    I'm so thankful and amazed that God never runs out of second chances — both for us and for the good we are trying so hard to do.

  3. I'll call!

    I just found your blog—hooray! I'm a huge fan. Hope you have a great day, Sara!