Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday John Stott!

Today is John Stott's 90th birthday! A small window into his influence was captured in this 2004 New York Times Op-Ed by David Brooks. If you have never read anything from this man, may I highly recommend Basic Christianity, The Radical Disciple, or Christian Mission in the Modern World. If you have been influenced in any way by this thoughtful voice of faith, please share you thoughts or well-wishes HERE, and learn more about his great passion to support the education of pastors around the world HERE.


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  2. I will never forget being invited to John Stott's apartment at Regent college the summer of '76 to have tea with him and his friends. We were a select bunch of friends who had known him from earlier days - I through my association with FOCUS , a ministry in private schools in the North- East similar to the UPSC ministry in England which had led John to Christ at the Rugby School.
    As more and more people , mostly men, arrived at the tea I found myself in the kitchen getting tea for everyone as John became occupied
    chatting. Finally I brought him his cup of tea last of all.
    I will never forget his words to me.
    "OH thank you, but Nan, I'm the host and your the guest." Words Jesus would have said to me to remind me that He is a servant King, come to serve me through His life, death and resurrection .
    This was good for my "Martha soul" to hear.