Monday, May 9, 2011

IJM Twin Cities Benefit!

I just read this great blog about the IJM Benefit in Dallas by Abolitionist JB, and it made me excited to gather together with supporters here in the Twin Cities NEXT WEEK on May 17th for our annual IJM Benefit! JB's writes a great summary of Gary's message on the long-suffering nature of justice - "we just don't go away... ever." It is true that our friends at IJM work for endless hours to secure convictions and rescues, but there are also the more swift and miraculous results of that long work, like the recent unexpected rescue of 522 bonded slaves in Chennai, India. Local officials and IJM staff went to rescue one man, but discovered 143 families longing for freedom. This is the largest rescue in IJM's history! In the Twin Cities we will be hearing from Sharon Cohn-Wu, one of the best communicators I have ever met. If you haven't signed up, please join us! More information HERE.


  1. This sounds like a really great event. I didn't know about IJM until right now and I am happy to hear about it. I am very passionate about ending slavery and pray for that regularly. It is so sad that we do this.
    Thank you for your work Sara, I love your music and share in the love you have for people and for God.
    God bless you,

  2. Thanks for the kind comments Sara and I hope you enjoy the IJM event in your area. Look forward to reading more about it afterwards. Let me know if you come across any other events or news that I can write about.

    Best wishes,

  3. I wish that we could be there. We are rejoicing in the rescues at Chennai and for the more than 400 woman brought out of bondage in the Philippines during the GPG this year. Aslan is on the move! God is doing great things through His faithful servants at IJM. What a joy to pray boldly for the end of slavery! We will be praying for a wonderful event for you. Thank you so much for introducing us to IJM.

  4. Okay, this has nothing to do with your post but I couldn't find anywhere else to ask this question. Can you or someone tell me who this is referring to in your song "When the Saints": "i see the young girl huddled on the brothel floor
    i see the man with a passion come kicking down that door"? We have figured out the others but have no clue who this is. Thanks! Tonya

  5. Ironically, that has everything to do with this post! I am referring to the work of International Justice Mission - IJM. The man is Bob Moser who was the head of investigations at the time, and the girl is one of many that have been saved from a life of sex slavery by IJM.

  6. I SO wanted to come but can't. It was very nice to meet you at Arts and Advocacy (my name tag said Andrea but I usually go by Andie )and I'm so excited for the new stuff going on for you in St. Paul. Can't wait to check it out. And, by the way, thanks for singing Esther at Summit-- it is one of my very favorites and it was a real birthday gift to me. I am 30 today and coming to Summit was my big celebration.

  7. That's an amazing story, Sara! I love the work IJM does, but at the same time can't imagine how difficult it must be. Thank you for your support and advocacy for them! I saw on your side tab that you are a runner. :) I started a campaign this year called Save 1 with Every Run. There are about 15 of us participating at this point, but the premise is to pray for one girl to be set free every time we run. Would you like to join us? :) If you're interested, I'd love it if you checked it out here - Thank you again, Sara!