Tuesday, January 26, 2010

She's alive

Where do you put a story like the one I just watched on CNN? A man waited by a collapsed bank for six days as they rescued workers from inside, and began to clear the area with back hoes. As each layer was removed, he would rush in to call her name. Six days after the earthquake, he heard his wife's voice. He called out to the demolition crews that he found her, she's alive. Her fingers were crushed between a beam, and a concrete slab, but other than that, she was held in a cement cocoon, whole and relatively healthy. What made him stand there day after day? What made him rush in every time the back hoe drove off with a load of concrete? When she came out she said, "Thank you God," and then burst into a song. The anchor man said the song said, "Don't be afraid to die," but I would love to know what song she was singing.


  1. I saw that same story last week and couldn't stop the tears...yes, what was the rest of that song?! What is the rest of her story? What does it feel like to wait faithfully, and wonder?

  2. Sara,
    Thanks so much for sharing this story! I just looked it up and found the coverage posted on youtube for those of us who missed it the first time around.


  3. Wonderful post! This is why I believe in God and miracles!!

    Libby Kleeman Jordan

  4. Wow. Thanks for highlighting this, Sarah. Faith tested is always humbling to me. It's easy to think "Here's what I would do." But when you're really confronted with your mortality...

  5. WOW. PRAISE GOD. thanks for sharing this.